What is Zero3

ZerO3 Chemical Free Cleaning Technology is the use of Aqueous Ozone to clean for you. But what is Aqueous Ozone? Aqueous Ozone is one of the world's most powerful natural cleaner that cleans, removes stains, deodorizes and sanitizes while it is working killing up to 99.999% of bacteria. Aqueous Ozone also cleans and sanitizes 50% faster than standard chlorine bleach.


Aqueous Ozone has been around since the 1840s when it was discovered in Germany. France started using it for drinking water purification in 1906 and then was even approved by the EPA as being antimicrobial in 1976. They have used it in the Olympic Games competition pools in 1984; USDA Organic Program approved as well as the FDA food saftey approval in 2001 and 2002. The great thing is it's something that everyone has - water.


How does Zero3 work?


1Inside the wall mounted unit, oxygen from the room's air is safely turned into ozone while then being 
infused into tap water.

2 Inside the wall mounted unit, oxygen from the room's air is safely turned into ozone while then being 
infused into tap water.

3Ozone is completely harmless to humans but deadly to germs, stains and contaminants. However once the 
ozone finds them, the ozone quickly attacks and eliminates them.

4 The ozone turns back into oxygen. Only pure oxygen and 

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